Supervisor of Assessments 

Cindy Miklos, Chief County Assessment Officer

Welcome to the Franklin County Supervisor of Assessments Office.  Our office is located in the Franklin County Campbell Building at 901 Public Square in Benton, Illinois.   Our office administers the property assessment cycle for the local real estate tax.
Much like a rate is applied to your income to determine the amount you pay in income tax, a rate developed by the taxing districts is applied to the value of your property to determine the amount of your property tax.  About 60% of the property tax collected goes to education.  The remainder is shared by the county, municipalities, park districts, library districts, fire districts, townships, and other special districts.
Your tax bill is based on two factors:

  • the value of your property as determined by your township assessor
  • amount of money your local taxing districts need to operate during the coming year (levies)

If you feel that your assessment is incorrect, you may appeal your value to the Township Assessor in your jurisdiction or the Board of Review.  Each of these have their own time frame for taking action on assessments.  You can receive information on the timeframes by calling our office at 618-435-9800.