Recording Documents

Instruments filed with the Recorder’s office include deeds, mortgages, releases and assignments, property liens, as well as assorted federal, state and local liens. Other documents included are veteran’s discharge papers, corporation papers, and instruments pertaining to the Uniform Commercial Code. The Recorder’s office is also responsible for the recordation and storage of subdivision plats, land surveys and monument records. Our records are indexed and available to view by both bound record books, microfilm and digital images are on the computers in the County Clerk's office ONLY..

Digital images are available from January 1, 1990 thru present.

How to Record a Deed

Document recording is accepted in person or via US Mail or courier. Only original documents bearing actual signatures may be recorded. Faxed documents can not be accepted.

While we are happy to answer your questions about how to record documents, the office can not give legal advice about transferring property. You are urged to contact an attorney, abstract or title company to transfer real property.

All land transfers must adhere to Franklin County‘s Subdivision Ordinance and the Illinois Plat Act. All property transfers outside of city and subdivision lots must be approved by the Supervisor of Assessments to assure compliance.

Original documents will be returned to the customer with document numbering information on the following business day. All recording is time-dated and placed on record in the order it is received. Most documents are recorded the day they are received.

A Real Estate Transfer Declaration (PTAX-203), commonly called the "green sheet," reports the amount of real estate transfer tax due, and must accompany deeds for recording unless the document includes an exemption paragraph or exemption stamps.

Statutory Content of Recorded Documents

  • Legal Description of Property - Legal description and parcel number must be included in all documents. Also include street address.

  • Signatures - Original signatures are required.

  • Addresses - Include grantee address for tax billing on deeds.

  • Notarization / Acknowledgement

  • Preparer - Must include name and address.

  • Document Numbering - Doc number provided by Recorder.

Common Reasons for Rejection of Recording

  • Real Estate Transfer Declaration or exemption stamp missing from deed.
  • Fees incorrect.
  • Legal description missing or wrong.
  • Parcel number is missing or wrong.
  • “Prepared by" statement missing.
  • Notary signature or seal missing.
  • Document not dated or signed.
  • Subsequent document missing reference to original document.
  • Does not adhere to County Subdivision Ordinance / Plat Act.

Land Records Access At This Time

The Franklin County Recorder’s office does not offer remote access.

Franklin County Recorder’s office has made available data and document images from 1990 to present. Indexing information is available from 1990 to present. You are welcome to make use of our free public terminals to search this information in the Recorder’s office. Not available on line.

Recording Fees

  • Basic Recording Fee is $75 for real estate-related documents for a standard document.
  • Basic Recording Fee includes County recording fee of $33.91, GIS fee of $22.69, Automation fee of $6.54, Rental Housing Support tax of $9, Document Storage Fee of $2.86..
  • Instruments incurring the $9 Rental Housing Support tax include: Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Agreements, Options to Purchase, Contracts for Deed, Mortgages, Releases of Mortgage, Leases, Lis Pendens, Mineral Deeds, Coal Leases, Oil & Gas Leases, Surveys, Monument Records, Liens, Foreclosures.
  • Non-real estate related documents include Articles of Incorporation, Birth, Death & Marriage Records, Judgments, Notices of Probate, Powers of Attorney, Utility Easements, UCCs.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

  • Real Estate Transfer Taxes are imposed by the State and County for many property transactions, as well as certain trusts and long-term leases. Consult the Illinois Department of Revenue for additional information.
  • State and County Real Estate Transfer Taxes are declared on the PTAX-203 series forms and paid along with recording fees.
  • State Real Estate Transfer Tax: $0.50 per $500 of consideration
  • County Real Estate Transfer Tax: $0.25 per $500 of consideration

Copy Charges

  • Copies per document - $1 per page.
  • Faxed copies per document $2
  • Certified copies per document $1 per page
  • Please provide document numbers for copy requests. Payments are accepted by mail or in person. The County Clerk's Office is not responsible for Title searches.

Miscellaneous Charges & Fees

Additional charge for legal-size paper: $2

Plat of Survey/Subdivision: $100

  • Plats of Subdivisions (maximum 30” x 36”) submit an original and three exact, true and legible copy. 

  • Each additional page $1 

  • GIS fee for review $25